Do You Qualify For Teeth Whitening?

We all want that pearly white smile. However, not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening in Adelaide. If you have permanent teeth, you can automatically qualify for a teeth whitening treatment but you will need the opinion of a professional dentist who will carry out an assessment of your teeth and advise you accordingly if there are any mitigating factors that can prevent you from going for a teeth whitening procedure. A good dentist such as the PureSmile Melbourne offers will be able to carry out an assessment on your oral health. Based on that assessment, they can recommend a whitening procedure that will be best suited for you.

PureSmile Melbourne

There are various teeth whitening treatments that a PureSmile Melbourne dentist is likely to recommend for you based on the severity of the staining of your teeth as well as the type of the staining that is on your teeth. These include the following:

  • Carrying out professional teeth cleaning that will get rid of the external staining that s a result of food particles as well as tobacco.
  • They can recommend the use of a whitening toothpaste that will get rid of surface stains on your teeth during your dental visits.
  • For some good results, they can recommend the use of and also supply a teeth whitening gel or whitening strips
  • They can offer you an in-office or at home teeth bleaching service in case you have yellowing teeth or stubborn stains on your teeth.

It is always advisable to talk to your PureSmile Melbourne dentist and ask them what kind of teeth whitening technique that will be most suitable for you. Generally, your dentist is likely to recommend the following as per the condition of the teeth staining and the type of staining:

  • If the teeth are yellow, then bleaching will be the best option that can be used in getting rid of the yellowing. If the teeth are brown or gray or in case they are mottled or even striped due to fluoride or tetracycline, they are unlikely to respond in an even manner to the bleaching treatments offered.
  • In case you have periodontal diseases or teeth which are highly sensitive, then the dentist will not recommend the use of chemical techniques in Melbourne CBD teeth whitening.
  • Bleaching is also not a recommended technique for patients that have caps, crowns, bonding or even the tooth-coloured fillings. The colours of these materials cannot be changed using bleach and as a result, they will stand out with their different colours amongst newly whitened enamels. In this case, it is generally advisable that look at other dental options. A PureSmile Melbourne dentist can advise you accordingly on the right course of action.
  • There are cases where you are likely to get you pure, bright and white smileĀ  from the caps or crowns that have been installed in order to correct the orthodontic condition that you are having.

All in all, always make sure that your teeth whitening treatments are being handled by professional and skilled dentists that can offer you professional advice on the best treatments for all kinds of conditions. For more info, visitĀ