Getting the Right Help with Work Place Disputes

Employers and employees have obligations and rights that facilitate working relationships. Sometimes these rights or obligations are not met, and that becomes a reason for dispute at a workplace. Employers can hire professionals in workplace disputes to help solve them amicably. Some cases, however, may require the intervention of a higher power. In Australia, the Fair Work Commission is responsible for handling different types of workplace disagreements and problems. The mandate of the commission is to help resolve the issues at hand. Workers should have a fair work commission contact when situations require advanced resolution. There are various reasons to turn to the Commission for help when dealing with work disputes.

Dispute Resolution

The commission offers best practices for conflict resolution. Some of the issues that arise at workplaces get out of control because the parties involved don’t know how to deal with conflicts. By using a fair work commission contact in AU, employees can find out what they have to do to facilitate conflict resolution that works for everyone. The choice of dispute resolution processes matters and the effectiveness of one will depend on a number of variables. Through the best practices guide from the Commission, an entity can put in place appropriate measures for dispute resolution. Matters that cause disagreements at the workplace should try to be resolved with the help of the Fair Work Commission contact. The best practice guide on dispute resolution provides an outline of how to achieve this by following the established laws.

Disputes at the workplace result from different issues. Learning about the scenarios that can demand the intervention of the Fair Work Commission is important.

Health and Safety

Worker health and safety is one of the causes of most disagreements between employees and employers. Companies are required to meet certain regulations to ensure that employees have safe working conditions. If a worker feels that an employer has compromised their safety or health, then they may have a dispute to raise. Disagreements may also arise when an employer terminates a worker about the worker’s health and safety.  If a worker views such a termination as unfair, then they may raise an issue with it. With an AU Fair work commission contact, a worker can get the help they need in resolving the conflict. Fair Work Claims

Workplace Bullying

Another reason to involve the commission is in situations of workplace buying. There has been a myriad of complaints of workers getting bullied by their colleagues or superiors making it difficult to fulfill their duties. A while ago, there were no laws that catered specifically to cases of workplace bullying. Workers’ advocates use legislations such as health and safety and general laws to resolve workplace bullying disputes. However, Australia now has legislation that addresses workplace bullying conduct. A worker should find fair work commission contact in AU to help in a case of workplace bullying.


Discrimination has always been a problem for a majority of work environments. Getting discriminated at work affects both workers and the enterprise in terms of productivity and revenue generation. Cases of discrimination can cause harsh disputes and need resolution urgently. Discrimination of employees may be prompted by varied attributes such as social origin, marital status, race, pregnancy, religion and political opinions and affiliations. With a legitimate fair work commission contact, a worker that is facing discrimination can ask for professional assistance.