Importance of training programs in workplace safety

Injuries in the workplace are nothing unusual. But, that does not mean workplace injuries cannot be prevented. There are ways and means to prevent and also minimize the intensity of such injuries. This depends on your preparedness to deal with such injuries when these happen.  One of the methods of preparing yourself for such eventuality is to undergo manual handling training Sydney agencies provide.

Intense training program:

The federal law has set up an exclusive Workplace Health Safety Act 2011, which deals with the task of training individuals in workplace safety. Those who are trained under the WHS programs are authorized to conduct classes in the workplace and train the personnel in various aspects of workplace injuries, first aid and various other related issues.

Training programs are economical:

There was a time when employers were reluctant to the concept of workplace training because such programs were deemed to be expensive. But, in reality, the training programs conducted by WHS trained personnel are relatively economical. It is because of this reason; employers have now accepted the concept of manual handling training Sydney firms conduct.

Obligation on the part of the employer::

The Workplace Health Safety Act 2011 stipulates that every person conducting business or undertaking (PCBU) has an inherent obligation to minimize the risks and thereby help in promoting the health and safety of his/her workers. It is here the role of manual handling training in Sydney takes its importance. This could be further amplified as follows:

·        The agencies which conduct manual handling training Sydney wide aims at providing ways and means to prevent workplace hazards. The training program identifies the areas that have a greater risk potential. Further, it also makes an assessment of the risk and highlights how the risks could be minimized. Check Margaret Lewis OHS for more details.

·        Many of the risks are caused because of the way the tasks or the materials that form part of the job are handled. The Sydney manual handling training highlights how the manual handling of tasks can be effectively managed to minimize the risks that are believed to be associated with the job. Here, the training program demonstrates the lift and various other techniques by adopting the manual handling training concept. It also highlights how various modern equipment could be employed in various aspects of job.

·        Further, it also deals at length various issues relating to first aid. Some of the issues relating to first aid include management of injury or other health issues that may crop up at the workplace.

·        The Federal law has classified the jobs that are prone to various kinds of risks. The training program deals at length all aspects of health and safety at the workplace in regard to works identified under the Federal law.

·        The Federal law clearly highlights the fact that as far as workplace safety is concerned, both the employer and the employees are equal partners. Therefore, the law requires that both the employer and employee should take active part in various aspects of workplace safety exercise. You can find manual handling training Sydney agencies provide explicitly dealing with all these aspects of workplace safety. Any related information you can check Dan Hadley

Duties of the employer:

In addition to these, the training program also highlights the various duties and responsibilities enshrined in Federal law on matters relating to safety at workplace. The duty of employer in reporting workplace injuries, remedial action that have been implemented to prevent recurrence of such accidents are also explicitly dealt with in the training program.  For more info, visit